Oliver was the first person in his family to graduate from college. Ten years ago, he proudly walked down the aisle and accepted his degree in mathematics before his entire family. It took him about four months out of college to finally land a job that had to do with his degree. The pay grade wasn’t exactly what he had anticipated, but he figured it was a good entry-level position and with enough effort he could climb the ladder and reach a better wage in a short time. As the years went on, he did receive some promotions and some pay rate increases, but he still floated around a level of income that wasn’t quite what he had expected. Now, married and the father of two children, he has a whole slew of bills that he didn’t quite take into account 10 years ago. He did not previously anticipate having to seek student loan debt relief at any point in his career, but things changed rather drastically for him. Oliver came across a particularly concerning situation the previous week when his boss told him about pay cuts in the company. With a mortgage, two car payments, school, recreational costs, and more all piling up and depending on his income to pay off on time, it began to be too much. Not only was Oliver going to be making $300 less per month, but his job stability was now something that left him greatly concerned. With the shortfall in income, he would either have to find a supplemental source of income on his own, or ask his wife to start working part time to make up for the shortfall. This week, even worse news came his way when he was told that he was given a two-week period to clear his desk at work. He was among the first to be affected by company layoffs. Now he was thinking very hard about student loan debt relief. If you are in a situation similar to Oliver, and student loan payments are keeping you down and out, contact the Hoverson Law Offices today. You will speak with our qualified student loan debt relief attorney who can help you discover how to find relief, consolidation, and answers to your worries. As a leading Minneapolis, Minnesota student loan debt relief firm, we are committed to helping you!