Federal student loans have programs and options that can help borrowers. Income Based Repayment programs may reduce your payments to as low as $5 per month and excuse the remaining balances after a 20 to 25 year history of payments. Rehabilitation programs may allow you to make a payment that is “reasonable and affordable” to you based on your unique financial situation. You may be able to consolidate, regardless of your credit history, and move yourself out of “default” status. Perhaps a deferment or forbearance may be helpful to stop payments for a temporary period of hardship. There is more. If you are employed by a government, non-profit, or public organization (for example – teachers, police officers, firemen, nurses, and other public service occupations), you may be able to have your loan balances forgiven after 10 years of payments.

Some of the services that we can assist a student loan borrower with include the following:

  • Determining if you qualify for an Administrative Discharge of your student loan
  • Determining if a Deferment or Forbearance is in your best interest
  • Fighting off nasty debt collectors trying to collect on your delinquent student loans
  • Lowering your monthly student loan payment
  • Preventing or ending wage garnishments, social security offsets, judgment proceedings, and the loss of your tax refund
  • Reviewing your eligibility for student loan forgiveness programs
  • Reviewing your eligibility for student loan Consolidations or Rehabilitation to get you out of “default”