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Student Loan Help

Student loan debt is rising at alarming rates. As of 2015, there are nearly 39 million borrowers carrying over $1 trillion in federal student loan debt. Student loans are not the next great economic crisis that will face our country–the crisis is here already. More and more student loan borrowers of all ages, professions, and incomes are unable to make their student loan payments. It is time to get some real help.We offer an analysis of your student loan debt. With just 30 minutes of your time and some financial information from you, we can analyze your situation, provide you with a detailed report of all programs available to you and how they work, and then prepare a strategy to solve your student loan problems.

  • Are you unable to afford your minimum payments?
  • Are you receiving calls from debt collectors?
  • Are you in default and unsure of how to get out?
  • Are you being threatened with a wage garnishment, or the lender taking a portion of your tax refund or social security income?
  • Are you being sued for a student loan?
  • Do you think you may qualify for a discharge of your student loan but are uncertain?
  • Are you considering bankruptcy to deal with your student loans?

If you answered yes to any of the questions then call us now so that we can help you understand your alternatives and assist you with your student loan debt.

Federal Student Loans

Federal student loans have programs and options that can help borrowers. Income Based Repayment programs may reduce your payments…

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Repayment Plans and Options

There are two major types of repayment plans- balanced based plans and income based plans. Essentially, balanced based plans involve…
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Administrative Discharge

Administrative discharge, also called statutory discharge, cancels the entire student loan debt. The five (5) ways to discharge a federal student loan are…
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Private Student Loans

Alternatives for private student loans are more limited than those available for federal student loans. Private student loans are not eligible for any government based student loan assistance or forgiveness programs. Options to address private student loans include…

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Student Loan Help

If you live in the Minnesota cities of Minneapolis or Bloomington, and you are seeking student loan help, contact the Hoverson Law Offices today to find out more about how we can help you find relief. Student loan default is a serious and harrowing issue…

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Student Loan Debt Relief

Many concerned and distressed individuals living under the burden of costly student loan payments are unfortunately unaware of the resources available to help them navigate through and sometimes out of these enormous burdens, such as student loan forgiveness…

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Consequences of Default

You want to avoid defaulting on your student loans because the consequences are significant. Most student loans are considered in default…

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Deferment and Forbearance

Deferments and forbearances are only temporary fixes. They are used mainly to keep the loan out of default. A deferment occurs when…
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Repayment Plans and Options

To encourage people to work in public service and teacher professions, Congress enacted special loan forgiveness programs. These programs have very specific eligibility requirements. For that reason, it is best to consult a qualified student loan attorney…
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Student Loan Forgiveness

If you are one of the people in Minneapolis or around the country that owe some of the $1 trillion dollars in student loan debt, then you’ve probably asked yourself what it means to attain student loan forgiveness. Student loan forgiveness can mean…

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Student Loan Attorney

Hoverson Law Offices, PA have an exemplary student loan attorney who knows how to help borrowers of student loans relieve their debts in Minneapolis and Bloomington, Minnesota. Many people suffer from the stress and worry of defaulting on their student loans. If you or someone you know are currently dealing with that type of stress, then wait no longer to contact our qualified student loan lawyer today…

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