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Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you falling deeper and deeper into debt and don’t know where to turn? It may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy in order to resolve or reduce your current debts. With the help of Hoverson Law Offices, P.A., you can work with a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Minneapolis to determine if bankruptcy is the best option for you, whether you are an individual or business. Our talented personal bankruptcy lawyer and business bankruptcy lawyer in Minneapolis is standing by to help.

At Hoverson Law, we help clients file for the following types of bankruptcies:

Bankruptcy law in Minneapolis and Bloomington can be confusing, and the decisions that you make during the filing process can significantly affect your financial future. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, it always pays to work with a bankruptcy law firm that you can trust. The right legal team will ensure that you understand all of your options and will provide recommendations on how you should proceed.

At Hoverson Law, we offer many different bankruptcy legal services. We help clients who are looking to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy for complete relief from debt, or for Chapter 13 bankruptcy for those who are looking to restructure certain debts and pay them back on a more flexible, drawn out payment schedule. Our business bankruptcy attorney also offers business bankruptcy services, helping companies restructure under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. No matter what your needs are, we’ll help you stop the creditors from harassing you and help resolve your personal or business debts for good.

Hoverson Law Offices, PA is also proud to offer STUDENT LOAN ATTORNEY SERVICES for those looking to find relief from student loan debt, to include both FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS and PRIVATE STUDENT LOANS in the Minnesota cities of Minneapolis and Bloomington. Student loan debt is, unfortunately, long-term debt that can be relentlessly devastating in times of personal economic transition or hardship. With more and more people relying upon student loans to carry them through their higher education, many of those people wind up fearful of when that lingering and sometimes growing student loan debt will catch up with them. Our well-qualified STUDENT LOAN ATTORNEY SERVICES will help them discover the options they may have to turn their fears around, such as student loan forgiveness.

Trust the team at Hoverson Law to get you on the right track for financial success. For many individuals, bankruptcy isn’t a bad thing, but instead, it’s a smart choice that can be made when a person or business is facing serious financial trouble and needs a fresh start. When you already have debt, taking on more debt is never a good solution. Instead of trying to get another loan or ignoring your credit card bills, contact Hoverson Law for a free bankruptcy consultation and we’ll show how restructuring your debt through bankruptcy can help you get your financial life back on track.


We Solve Financial Problems. Our practice areas include bankruptcy, consumer protection, debt consolidation, defending against creditorlawsuits, litigation, and STUDENT LOAN DEBT RELIEF.

Great help with student loan debt!

I had an excellent experience hiring Mr. Hoverson regarding my student loan debt. Specifically, my private loans with 2 different lenders. We were able to settle my case in a way that I am extremely satisfied with and I consider the money I spent hiring him to have been completely worth it! I especially liked […]


Excellent advocate with speciality in student loan debt

Mike is on the cutting edge of student loan debt law. He knows his stuff and has helped many people who are crushed in student loan debt. He can explain your rights. He did for me.


Mike was extremely helpful in getting my private student loan debt lawsuit to a manageable dollar amount without having to go to court over it. Would recommend him to anyone who was going through what I was at the time, in a heartbeat. Graciously thankful to him and his team for all the work they […]

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