It’s true. There are personal bankruptcy attorneys available online and on television. You see the commercials for them all the time, those confident and stern attorneys that claim they can help you out of your current predicament, promising an easy and worry-free bankruptcy filing that will leave you in good spirits in the end. Are they serious? Do they understand what we are dealing with here in Minneapolis? Record job losses, high fuel costs, and foreclosures are just a few of the problems we’ve had the past few years. Maybe their one-size-fits-all approach works elsewhere, but not here. When you search for a service provider you always start locally. That’s the case with any other service you need personally or for your business, so why shouldn’t it be the same for bankruptcy services. Those high-priced (and yes, they are extremely high-priced) attorneys on TV or the ones showing up at the top of search results on the internet are usually firms that do business nationally. They might be licensed to practice law here in Minnesota, but that doesn’t mean they’re located here. That guy on TV is out in Los Angeles somewhere. Go to his offices here and you’ll be meeting with someone fresh out of law school, maybe even a paralegal. Michael K. Hoverson has been a Minneapolis business bankruptcy attorney for twenty four years. He’s a local guy who understands local problems. He taught bankruptcy law at Hamline University right here in St. Paul. You don’t get any more local than that. Do you want someone like him handling your bankruptcy or would you prefer the TV guy with the huge advertising budget? Do you know why that guy can afford to run those commercials? Because he charges people like you a lot of money to file bankruptcy.Those having financial difficulties shouldn’t have to pay high legal fees to solve their problems. Here at Hoverson Law Offices we understand what you’re going through. Many here in our office have dealt with similar problems in the past few years. Come to us if you need legal assistance to file bankruptcy. We’re local, we have decades of experience, and we’re happy to listen to you about your problems. Contact us any time to schedule your first appointment.