I had an excellent experience hiring Mr. Hoverson regarding my student loan debt. Specifically, my private loans with 2 different lenders. We were able to settle my case in a way that I am extremely satisfied with and I consider the money I spent hiring him to have been completely worth it! I especially liked that he is clearly on top of the current law concerning this, the research he did to my specific kind of case, and that he met with me and reviewed my case before taking it on to make sure it wouldn’t be a waste of my money and his time. If you are in any way struggling with debt of this kind or feeling lost regarding other creditors I highly recommend him. I also would recommend him for other bankruptcy or related matters and general civil litigation. Lastly, he was easy to communicate with and reach from the moment I first was referred to him. You will not find yourself delegated to others and I felt his personal attention to my case really made the difference. I would hire him again for other matters and refer him to friends/family.