A good amount of the paperwork you’ll need to file the actual bankruptcy won’t be necessary until later on, so don’t worry about digging through old tax returns and receipt boxes just yet. The first meeting with a bankruptcy law firm is all about assessing needs. Before we can do anything to help you we need to know exactly what your situation is. Bring your bills and any demand notices you may have received. Leave the receipt box at home. The only thing we need right now that relates to your personal income is you last few w2’s or 10-99s. We’ll deal with the rest later.During your first visit, there will be a lot of questions and answers between you and your attorney. You might want to make a list of the questions you have for us before you come in. One suggestion for you is to ask for an explanation of the different bankruptcy chapters and how they pertain to your case. We’ll cover that anyway, but make sure you ask about anything you’re not quite clear on. It’s a first time for most of the folks who come to us, so don’t feel foolish about asking lots of questions. It would be far more foolish not to ask. The only dumb question is the one never presented.What exactly does a Minnesota business bankruptcy lawyer do? We specialize in making sure your business stays open and making money while you go through a bankruptcy. How do we do that? We make sure that we get the paperwork right and we discharge as much debt as possible before you file the bankruptcy. Creditors are often willing to settle for pennies on the dollar when faced with the prospect of possibly waiting for their money in bankruptcy reorganization. If we can get a few debts out of the way for you now, we will. That will be less you have to deal with later. We’re hoping that you’ll leave our office after your first meeting with a better feeling about your financial future than the one you had when you came in. Our objective as your business and personal bankruptcy attorney is to offer you some hope and keep you out of fiscal destitution. Bankruptcy is not a bad thing. It’s protection against your creditors so you can rebuild your life. We all need a little help once in a while. Bankruptcy is one way you can get it.