A Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney can help their clients to determine whether or not they are eligible for filing for bankruptcy. There are some new requirements for all who file for bankruptcy in the United States that our experienced legal team can discuss with you. The terms of residency have also changed too. A professional lawyer from Hoverson Law Offices, P.A., can review your finances and help you decide which type of bankruptcy suits you the best. During this free debt evaluation, we will know instantly whether or not you’re eligible for filing for bankruptcy.

Will I lose all of my belongings if I file for bankruptcy in Minnesota?

Our bankruptcy attorney understands all bankruptcy laws. We have endured through the process countless times and can help make it easier for those needing financial help in and around Minneapolis. Most individuals who file for bankruptcy won’t lose any of their belongings. This is because if you choose to file a straight bankruptcy (Chapter 7) with one of our bankruptcy attorneys, many things are exempted and protected from creditors. This is also true with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy attorney at Hoverson Law Offices, P.A., is well versed in the differences and can help you make the most informed decision for your future.

Finding a Professional Bankruptcy Attorney to Represent You in Minneapolis

A skilled bankruptcy attorney from Hoverson Law Offices, P.A., has the experience necessary to help you to file for bankruptcy when eligible. We understand all of the bankruptcy laws and have the resources needed to help you throughout the process. A free debt evaluation is conducted so that we can determine whether or not you’re eligible for bankruptcy. To schedule a free consultation and debt evaluation today, call our Minnesota law office at 612-349-2728.