If you are seeking

  • Adequate legal representation to help you deal with an administrative body, debt collection agency, or loan servicer;
  • Highly-rated advice on student loan discharge or repayment;
  • Guidance on whether you should file for bankruptcy due to student loans; or
  • Ways to deal with a student loan default or delinquency,

Then you should hire a Minneapolis student loan attorney.

It is advised that you first gather all the information on your student loans, including the type of loan, balance of the loan , lender, and servicer.  Then you can begin searching for a student loan attorney that will look after your interests. The following are some factors you should consider when hiring a Minneapolis student loan attorney:


Before engaging the services of student loan lawyers (or any other attorney), individuals should confirm they are registered and approved by the state licensing board. This can be easily confirmed by visiting lawyerlegion.com or scrolling through the directory of attorneys on the website of your state’s bar association.

Professional with Handling Minneapolis Student Loan Cases

Although most lawyers offer general legal services, you should only pick those who have experience in your particular area of interest – student loans. This ensures the attorney you pick is adept at handling the complexities of federal and private student loan debt, and has handled numerous cases to the satisfaction of their clients.

Reasonable Fees

Since you are searching for a student loan lawyer, it is very likely that you are not financially well-off. As such, you should look for an experienced lawyer who understands your situation and won’t try to shake you down for all that you’re worth.

If you need the services of an experienced student loan attorney in Minneapolis, MN, book an appointment at Hoverson Law Offices. To learn more about our experience in handling various student loan cases, and to request a quote, call us at (612) 349-2728 today.