Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a unique bankruptcy repayment plan offered only to those who qualify for the strict criteria outlined by the bankruptcy laws. These criterion include a minimum regular income, as well as debt limits, which include both secured and unsecured debts. If you feel you may qualify for these stringent guidelines, then a chapter 13 bankruptcy may be for you.Generally thought of as the least intrusive bankruptcy plan, a chapter 13 bankruptcy involves you, as a debtor, coming up with a sound repayment plan that involves reimbursing creditors over a three to five year period. You will generally be able to keep your property and assets through the procedure. In a chapter 13, you will be given ample breathing room in which you are able to repay these debts without being harassed by collection agencies and the like.If you think you may be eligible for this type of bankruptcy, then you should immediately pick up your telephone and call Hoverson Law Offices, P.A and take the first steps toward resolving these complicated and difficult matters. Michael K. Hoverson has been assisting those filing for bankruptcy for the past 27 years, and in doing so, has assisted thousands of individuals in overcoming their debt and stabilizing their lives. His services and expert legal counsel have afforded him the title of one of the best chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in the greater Minneapolis and Bloomington Minnesota communities. So pick up your phone and call now! Attorney Hoverson will assist you in filing for bankruptcy, filling out paperwork, making sure you meet the criteria for whichever specified chapter bankruptcy for which you are declaring, as well as help you formulate a debt repayment plan. Call today!

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