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  • Should you hire a student loan attorney?

    Posted on August 30, 2017 by Michael Hoverson

    Graduating from college with student loans is a burden you accepted in exchange for paying the price to get a good education. It’s a reasonable trade-off that many people make. But sometimes, the burden of graduating, finding a decent job and attempting to start paying back those loans can overwhelm even the best intentioned person.

    When your student loan situation becomes too much for you to handle, you may need to start seeking some form of relief by working with a student loan attorney.

    Student loan attorneys have extensive insight into the complicated world of student loans and can help you sort out your options with both federal and private student loans that you may be carrying. Your goal most of the time is to avoid default and find a way to create a more affordable repayment schedule, one that makes sense and that you can live with going forward.

    Student loan attorneys can help student borrowers in a variety of ways:

    • Provide legal advice regarding your options and your rights.
    • Protect you from abusive conduct by student loan debt collectors
    • Work on your behalf to resolve credit disputes
    • Assist you in negotiating with student loan holders and servicers to strike more favorable terms on your behalf.
    • Litigate all legal actions on your behalf if you are currently being sued for non-payment of your loans

    Every student loan situation is different, but if you’re faced with mounting pressure and diminishing options, you should at least explore the option of a free initial consultation to see if an attorney can help you. While you may be concerned with attorney fees at a time when finances are tight, it’s good to remember that while an attorney will cost money, in the long run, there’s a good chance they will save you even more.

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